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It’s a dogs life

The British love their dogs. My own dog is a rescued 17 year old Collie cross that I love dearly. He’s been a family member since my children were small.

Court of Protection therapy dogs

So, I was surprised to see the recent case of Mrs P v Rochdale Borough Council and Anor (2016) EWCOP B1.

This case involved a professional deputy appointed to manage the money of Mrs P, an elderly stroke victim. The client had lost capacity and was totally devoted to her dog Bobby. Requests had been made to bring Bobby to see her and also provide money for new clothes and special food. However such requests went unanswered.

My own thoughts were that it’s bad enough to ignore requests for clothes and food but the dog!

Anyone who owns a pet, or even if they don’t own one must be aware of that special bond. If anything, a pet allows people who have lost capacity to carry on their lives with some normality.

The court heard that Bobby was ‘the only living being with whom she shares any love and devotion’ and that Mrs P’s face ‘lights up’ when she sees other dogs.

The upshot of the case was that the deputy was found guilty of ignoring Mrs P’s needs. He was not acting in her best interests. The deputy was removed and a new one appointed.

The moral of this story for all deputies out there – always act in best interests and above all act with compassion.

The case can be viewed at

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